An Internship at Goldsmith Hersh

At Goldsmith Hersh, training is an integral part of the professional development process that continues on well beyond the successful completion of the Common File Exam (CFE).

Starting from the first day of employment, the CPA student undergoes an orientation program where one will become familiar with the following software programs:

  • Caseware and Caseview: Used in the preparation of financial statements for auditor’s report, review engagement and notice to reader.
  • Taxprep: Used in the preparation of corporate tax returns.
  • Write-Up by TJPS software Inc.: Used in the write up of marketable securities.
  • DTMAX: Preparation of personal tax returns.

Normally, the majority of the training will start with hands-on training where the CPA student will have the opportunity to perfect one’s skills in the office by writing up the bank and marketable security transactions of small companies. Under the supervision of a senior member of the audit staff, the CPA student will proceed to complete a working paper file and ultimately begin the process of completing the respective corporate tax return.

The hands-on training will continue when the CPA student becomes a part of the team that will go to the client’s premises to complete the audit or review mandate.

In-house classroom training courses given by senior staff members as well as outside university professors are also offered throughout the year.

Goldsmith Hersh makes the following benefits available to CPA students who are preparing to write their Common Final Exam (CFE):

  • Two study days for each CPA course. The student may request extra non-paid study days off.
  • Employees enrolled in the qualifying CPA program are reimbursed the initial Professional    Education Program (PEP) fees as indicated by the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés    du Québec and CA student annual dues.
  • Insurance coverage from the group insurance is maintained during the UFE study leave.
  • Reimbursement of summer school fees paid to the respective University upon successful completion.

Candidates that have successfully passed their CFE exams are entitled to the following additional benefits:

  • Reimbursement of CFE exam fees.
  • Reimbursement of PEP fees paid to the OCAQ.
  • An increase to 3 weeks of vacation.