Non-profit organizations (NPO) represent entities that do not normally hold transferable property titles and whose organization and operation are aimed exclusively at social, educational, professional, religious, charitable, health or any other non-profit purposes.

Our firm is specialized in the certification of the financial statements of non-profit organizations. All our managers are professional chartered accountants. The service we offer extends beyond the simple certification since, in the course of each mandate, we analyze established accounting practices, internal controls, the overall financial situation and the decision-making process, and we submit the recommendations required in the circumstances. In addition, we define who the users of the financial statements are and what their needs are in order to determine the most appropriate presentation of the elements of the financial statements.

For each mandate, we provide a well-coached team to carry out an efficient job while controlling costs and respecting pre-established timelines, since these factors are of paramount importance to managers of non-profit organizations.


We offer the following services:

• Financial statement audit
• Financial statement review
• Financial statement compilation
• Special certification reports
• Management consulting

The organizations we serve:

• Charitable organizations
• Religious organizations
• Community organizations
• Social service and recreational clubs
• Professional organizations and
• Condominium syndicates
• Housing Cooperatives


• Federations, associations and sports clubs
• Arts and entertainment organizations
• Youth centres
• Sector committees
• Youth employment centres
• Foundations

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