Forensic & Valuation


In an increasing number of legal cases, accountants are called upon as expert witnesses to provide the requisite professional guidance where financial factors are under examination.

At Goldsmith Hersh we have considerable experience in such litigation support work. However, we are able to provide much more than just technical accounting advice. We offer support at all stages of the legal process, from pretrial to settlement.

Our services include assistance in the examination of evidence, detailed investigation work, the valuation of assets and the collation of financial and statistical information at the pretrial state, though to the provision of expert witnesses at the trial, the evaluation and analysis of financial evidence and comprehensive support during direct and cross examination. At the conclusion of a case, we advise clients on the taxation implications of any settlements, and we assist in negotiations for alternative settlement proposals.

Our expertise includes determining, quantifying and reporting upon damage actions.



A valuation of a closely-held corporation is an opinion of the fair market value of the en-bloc ownership interest of a business enterprise in a notional market. The exercise of determining a value, which considered to be the present worth of the future benefits of ownership of the asset, involves:

  • The establishment of the valuation date
  • The requirements of the engagement
  • The determination of the ownership interest to be valued
  • The concepts, methods and approaches to be used
  • The selection process
  • The selection of rates of returns and the existence of guideline companies
  • The preparation of a report
  • The submission and the defence of the report

Our valuators have the training and experience to perform the required functions in determining the value of a private business for litigation, taxation, or commercial purposes. We will prepare a written expert opinion which will detail the process, calculations, and the conclusion as to value.

We will be pleased to arrange an early meeting with you to discuss your requirements.

Contact: Michael Yuck CPA Auditor, CFE

Services we offer:


We have expertise in areas of both breach of contract and tort losses which include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Loss of profits
  • Business interruption
  • Product liability
  • Expropriation
  • Investigative accounting related to disputes
  • Construction losses
  • Minority oppression appraisal remedy
  • Wrongful dismissals
  • Matrimonial valuations

Our forensic department has expertise in the determination of the fair market value of closely held businesses whether for the entire corporate interest, the majority interest or a minority interest, to be used for the following purposes:

  • Estate planning
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Sale of an interest in the business
  • Deemed disposition on death
  • Marriage dissolution
  • Introduction of new partners