Government Assistance

In this competitive and global environment, companies must invest in the latest equipment, technology and human resources in order to stay ahead of their competitors. In order to soften the cost of implementation, our services have been actively solicited by our clients to seek out opportunities for government assistance in the form of reimbursement of expenditures, loan guarantees, tax credits and non-repayable grants.We have been successful in obtaining for our clients the following government assistance:

  • Designer credits in the textile industry for qualified designers, pattern makers and graphic artists.
  • Research and Development credits for a variety of clients in the manufacturing and other sectors.
  • Refund of expenditures for certain trade shows and trademarks.
  • Government grants to offset payroll expenditures incurred in the training of staff in the implementation of new accounting software.
  • Bank financing for purchase of new equipment.
  • Grants to explore new markets outside of Quebec.

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