The practice of accounting and auditing includes the recognition of tax matters as an integral part of business transactions. Our Tax Practice involves:

  • Compliance
  • Planning
  • Resolving disputes with tax authorities

For compliance, we have a well trained team of auditors who have available to them the leading computer software programs created especially for accounting offices to ensure accuracy in the preparation of personal and corporate tax returns and reporting forms. We E-file personal and corporate tax returns to the respective governments whenever possible to facilitate rapid assessment and almost immediate refunds. We have specialists in goods & services taxes to help deal with complex transactions.

Planning is a specialty of our office, giving consideration to the integration of personal and corporate taxation to maximize the after-tax return to our clients, achieving the benefit of tax reduction through the use of capital and non-capital losses and the minimization of taxes. We pay particular attention to estate planning so that the maximum amount of an estate can be passed on to the next generation.

Should there be a disagreement with the tax authorities concerning a tax matter, we will represent our client in meetings with tax assessors and should the issue not be resolved to the satisfaction of our client, we will file the necessary appeals and make arguments for the tax court.